Oikos LogIn

To use our Crossroads ShelbyNext Member Portal you will first need to register with the system. If this is your first visit to the portal you will need to register by clicking on the Forgot Password link, supply the email that we have on file in the church office. Then within 5 to 30 minutes you will receive an email from the system with your Username and temporary Password.

If the system does not match the email you will be notified. If that happens just call the church office and we will be glad to help you. (334-567-4441)

You can also access our Crossroads ShelbyNext directly with this link on your computer. Just be sure to bookmark it.

An app is also available for your Android device or Apple Iphone. Just search for ShelbyNext Membership in your app store. Remember to use the domain myccc along with your Username and Password.